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released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Evilgroove Bologna, Italy

Doc - guitar
Fraz - voice
Matte - bass
Sepo - drums

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Track Name: Turn Your Head
Turn your head and watch your back
I am crawling behind you
Make it on and let it go
we are trying to break it
dying no more take it all wrong
we'll be giving a dream

TURN YOUR HEAD and watch your back, again

Check your head and see me shine
You are going nowhere
I try to reach the nail inside
Your sanity has been broken
I am no one alone with your mind
You’re living a dream
Track Name: Lucusta
Being the fault of confusion
is needed to taking the lead
I know the game you are playing
and now you came back for me

Humans can go so lower
you thought to be so free
Power was only an illusion
and you don’t know what to do

Only time is too late
I came for you
So, come on come on
Only time is too late
And I beg you to follow
Track Name: Space Totem
Lie by your hand
Be on a nowhere
Stand by a friend
Evil on you
Carry on the top again

Dying pictures
of my soul now
I am waiting
The space totem
Growing everything I feel

Even cry, even cry

The head on the wall
The space totem

Tears inside
Colors outside
I call the rain
Of tomorrow
Waiting the end of the day

The head on the wall
The space totem
Track Name: I, The Wicked
You'll never leave me go
we are the land of the free
and I try to go around
the idea is right


I wake up in the wrong day
I point the finger at you
One move and I can blow
blow away the life
Track Name: Kick The Can
I'm at the tree counting 25
I hear them run
I can't deny
Oh, don't tell me I'm a liar
Oh, watch over me

I turn my back and nothing's like before
is too hard to find
my former life
Oh, I feel it changing
And, I open one eye

Kick, kick, KICK THE CAN
walls instead of trees
there were kids before
now just too much noise
I found my friends grown old
they recognize me but
they have no more time
time to KICK THE CAN
Track Name: Physalia
I'm your eyes, you're my legs and arm
In disguise, cheating with our charm
We need no brain, we just miss a shelter
A filthy maze, just to hide our plunder

Many to make a whole
Drifting without a goal
And we're moving
All together

All for one, and to each his own
None of us would survive alone
Don't wonder why, just keep on carrying out your role
The stakes are high, you're free to die or share your soul

Many to make a whole
Drifting without a goal
And we're moving
All together

Reproduce and feed yourself, that's all
I'll seduce our prey with my soft call
A perfect clockwork, one common beat for all our hearts
('Cause) the whole is greater than the mere sum of its parts

Many to make a whole
Drifting without a goal
And we're moving
All together

Track Name: Voodoo Dawn
Voodoo dawn is coming to get you
is a danger (to) face it alone
and I say don't cry any longer
I don't wanna (to) hear you go

she will tear you down
and blow far away
the magic and the hurt
are done for today
I can give you a hint

Ritual is already started
you can smell the fear on your own
Time has come and you can’t run
feel your body stop
feel your body die
Track Name: SoulRiver
River, river take me
Flow in to my behavior
I need to feel your hands on
I am the one oh father

The water fills my body
To clear all my illusions
And now I feel so empty
‘cause of the last day over

Grow on a teardrop in my eye
The ocean waits for you
Flow only for purify
I try to keep what’s mine

Brother when the sun burns
I please you, bury me
Father of the fire
Stronger than my hate for
Track Name: What I Mean
You can't get the best of me
You can't get the rest you deserve
your road is blocked down
there's nothing left to deny

Wait for the dying of all your daydreams
Wait for the dying

I told you many times
Rules are also made for you
And I will go now
You have to wait the decay

is that you can't go any lower
Track Name: Cosmosis
We come and go
I told you to breath no more
the way of your road
we're coming around
I look at your eyes
the colors are meltin' down
the thing that you gave me
is pulling me under

There is a path
That nobody knows
We are the first
This is our way


My body vanishes
Becomes one
With the universe
We are immortal